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September 22nd – September 29th

If You’re Still Struggling With Menopause, You Need To Read This Page Carefully!

“Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Gain Access To The Top 22 Menopause Experts Around The World Right In The Comfort Of Your Home To Give You Your Healthy, Vibrant, Sexy, and Happy Life Back.”

Finally End The “Dark Period Of Your Life!

From The Desk Of Kris Thomas Smith

Founder of My Menopause Fix – The Blog and Podcast

Dear friend,

It was an amazing Epiphany I had one morning to create a community for women who were stuck or challenged going through the tough times of menopause and even women about to enter this – what most women call – “dark period of life”

But I knew I needed help so for the last 18 months of my life I have been searching and scouring the world for the top menopause experts in order to create this movement called Embrace The Change.


I Have A Confession To Make – I’m A Male

If you knew me, you may have the thought of what does an ex-bodybuilder, personal trainer, and nutritionist know about menopause. Which is a valid thought since I am a man who enjoys working out, but let me help debunk that thought.

I am a Menopause Fitness and Weight Loss Expert who has been helping Menopausal women over the last 13 years create a body of health, energy, and youthfulness. I have coached over 17,000 hands on hours and have worked with simple cases of weight loss to more complex cases of mental coaching to help women over come some of the depression, anxiety, frustration, and confusion about menopause.

Now with my team of 22 Menopause experts across the world, we can positively impact our community at a higher level and continue to help women thrive through menopause instead of just surviving.


Imagine Having Access To The Top 22 Menopausal Experts In The World Right In The Comfort Of Your Home.

Menopause goes way beyond just weight loss and exercise.

I wanted to find the right team of doctors, therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, sex therapists, yoga instructors who have been working with menopausal women and created life changing results for their clients.

The problem was it would be super expensive and at times a long waiting period before we would even be able to connect you with each and every one of these experts to solve the menopause challenges you are facing.

Why not create the worlds largest Menopause Summit of Top experts in a virtual format? Well because of the internet, I was able to put together a team of the Top 22 Menopause experts in the world in one place without them nor you having to invest a dime or precious time traveling and living out of a hotel.

In fact we had over 43,251 menopausal women in attendance to watch these experts present their solutions right from their home. That’s like a packed Super Bowl Stadium!
Before I share with you the amazing secrets and solutions that were revealed by our 22 experts, let me just state this…

No Menopausal Woman Is The Same

  • Are you confused, unhappy, and insecure with your body and even afraid to share this with your loved ones?
  • Are you depressed and feel out of control with with your body while going through a vicious repeating cycle of the unknown?
  • Is your sex drive decreasing not because you want it to, but because it hurts to much to be with your partner due to the menopause side effect of vaginal drying?
  • I know for a FACT that you are sick and tired of living with the pains of menopause only to be treated the same as every other menopausal woman with a cookie cutter solution…and that is why you are here today

But it’s not important what I know, because you know all these pains, plus more, to be true and you are experiencing them right now (if you aren’t experiencing them now, you will if you don’t put the right things in place).


The fact of the matter is:

You Don’t Have To Live Like This Anymore!

What you’re about to hear will be music to your ears…

Because I’m about to show you how to put an END to the menopause darkness once and for all, and enjoy the Healthy, Happy, Sexy and Vibrant life you will create as a result.

And trust me, WE know exactly how… because we’ve collectively done it for over 221,000 plus menopausal women just like you!

Imagine what life would be like if you could solve your menopause side effects?

It actually might be quite tough to imagine that if you have been struggling for a long time. But what has the “dark side” of menopause cost you so far?

You’ll be able to download and listen to these presentations — over and over again! — on your mp3 player, watch them — over and over again! — on your computer or smartphone, or read the 300-plus pages of transcripts — over and over again! — at your own leisure.

I had the pleasure of facilitating all 23 presentations. And in my humble opinion, this package will answer just about all of your questions about the Paleo diet and lifestyle.

  • No Sex
  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Unhappiness
  • Insecurity with your body
  • Control over your actions
  • Depression
  • Low Energy
  • Bloated
  • Forgetful

Dark Side of Menopause

Unfortunately the list goes on, but it doesn’t have to. In fact you can reverse many if not all of the side effects of menopause and live a happy vibrant life.

There are many women out there that are thriving through menopause instead of just surviving like most woman are today.

The difference is these women had access to the knowledge, expertise, latest cutting edge strategies and techniques, and a very strong support group.

And shortly you will have the same access to everything they have so you too can live a wonderful life through a phase that is considered by most a “dark era”

Stories Of Real Women Who Ended The Pains Of Menopause With The Help Of Strategies, Natural Remedies, or Procedures Presented In This Embrace The Change Summit

Lisa C.

“I used to think that a torn meniscus, a surgical procedure on my ankle, a hamstring issue, and going through menopause would keep me from getting fit. When I first started working out I couldn’t perform 1 pushup. Now I can do 25 full pushups, a task many women struggle to get to. With a change in my nutrition lifestyle I was able to drop 7.4 lbs and 3 percent body fat. My coach assisted me in becoming mentally strong so I wouldn’t give up even when life got a little tough.”

And Now You TOO Can Have Access To This Same Ground-Breaking Information All In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Seeing how easily we were able to put all the menopause solutions in one place from experts around the world to stop the pain of menopause, I knew I needed to get the information of this Embrace The Change Summit into as many hands as possible.

So I’ve decided to video tape the entire summit and make it available on the Internet, to anyone who needs it or for those who attended and needed a refresher!

This is my Embrace The Change Menopause Summit and it’s a digital product (download the videos off the internet or can watch them on your computer on our private access site) that you can use to quickly, easily, and permanently put an end to symptoms of menpause!

Watch this summit, and within just 24 hours, you’ll be enjoying topics like:

  • How To Stay Cool and Embrace The Change By Melanie Greenberg
  • Considering Hormones? Better Information, Better Decisions by Dr. Steven A Rabin
  • 6 Secrets To Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance and Achieving a Healthier, Sexier, Youthful Body by Kelli Calabrese
  • Plus many, many more [complete list of topics are at the bottom of this page]

Just Take a Look At The Entire Package You Receive When You Become Part Of Our Embrace The Change Community!

When you claim your copy of Embrace The Change Menopause Summit, you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for living a healthy and happy menopausal life.

Today, I am offering it to you at a SUPER LOW PRICE of just


Here’s The Free Bonus Package You Will Receive Today When You Pick Up Your Embrace The Change Summit Package. Only Available For The Next 48 Hours!

FAST ACTION Bonus (Only 50 Available)

First 50 to purchase receive a free copy of Kris’s Newest Book The Menopause Triangle Success Triangle – A Practical Guide To Living A Healthy, Happy, Menopause Life.

  • Bonus #1

    Lacy Arnold presents her rocking 15 minute home workout program to help you jump start your new body transformation. Visit Lacy’s website for more details on other programs and services.  www.leanmoms.com

  • Bonus #2

    Susan Gala Secrets To Awakening Your Pelvic Power & Reclaim Your Vitality 3 Part Pelvic Power E-Course
    Lesson 2 – “The Emotional Pelvis”
    Lesson 3

  • Bonus # 3

    Dr Holly Lucille – [eBook] Creating and Maintaining Balance – A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SAFE NATURAL HORMONE HEALTH – Foreword By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

  • Bonus # 4

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  • Bonus # 5

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Common Questions Like These Below Received Specific and Detailed Answers From Our Panel Of Menopause Experts:


Time To Take Action, And Silence Your Menopause Symptoms…

If you read this far, I need to warn you that you’re at a crossroads in your life.

I know in the back of your mind you KNOW the information in this summit will help solve your problems, but you think you may have tried everything in the past and nothing worked. What I tell all my clients is go with your gut, because most times that gut instinct is the best decision for you.

But to make you feel at rest if you are in the middle of should I or shouldn’t I, I am giving you my Kris T. Smith Guaranteed to work or your investment back in full stamp of approval.

Just Click “Add to Cart” Below And Instantly
Receive Your Discounted Price Of Just $67 …
PLUS All The Bonuses (A Real $311 Value)

You’ll learn:

To add to the excitement you will learn some cutting edge information that is having breakthrough success with menopausal women:

  • How to increase your power, passion, creativity, and sexuality through the pelvic floor – the gateway to a woman’s power
  • Reducing the stress, confusion, and misery of menopause without using medication or natural remedies. We will show you how to internally gain control of life again.
  • How to increase quality of sleep and decrease adrenal fatigue by resetting your circadian rhythm…Say What???
  • Ways to increase sexual pleasure and lubrication of the vaginal wall during the dry periods of menopause
  • Secret ways to drop belly fat during a time most women put on pounds of fat no matter how hard they diet or exercise

Remember, I’ve invested 18 months searching for the top menopausal experts around the world so I can help better serve YOU! This is finally a dream come true and now I can make your dreams come true by making you feel like YOU again.

Bringing back your self-confidence, happiness, youthfulness, and power is finally in the palm of your hands ready to become reality.

If you haven’t picked up your Embrace The Change Summit package yet, I am not sure how else I can show you how powerful this information truly is.

  • Maybe you are scared…
  • Maybe you have been mislead in the past…
  • Maybe the pain is too great you are not sure what to do…
  • Maybe its finances that are holding you back…

Whichever maybe it is, let me leave you with this before you decide to exit this page. Seriously this will help in life so grab any paper lying around and a pen.
Write in big letters at the top of the paper…


I’m not just talking about money here. Write down everything single pain in life that has occurred because of menopause. Doesn’t matter how small or how small, write them all down and you will be shocked as to how much pain this period of life has cause you.

Now crumble up that paper and throw it away, because you can wipe your pains away and start a fresh new life with the information, strategies, and tips in this Embrace The Change Summit.

Let me be your coach, your guide, your mentor. Join me and my panel of menopause experts today and let’s have an amazing journey together.

I’ll see you on the next page with some great news when you decide to pick up your copy of Embrace The Change Summit and join thousands of other women.

Just Click “Add to Cart” Below And Instantly
Receive Your Discounted Price Of Just $67 …
PLUS All The Bonuses (A Real $311 Value)


With Love, Respect, and Passion,
Kris T. Smith

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